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COSI 2017 Summary Video

Produced and edited by

Selena LEONI

COSI stands for "Companions of Social Inclusion", is one of the programmes under the Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through Immersive Visualisation.


In this project, we aim to deliver a story-based VR learning scenarios,  for both local Hong Kong people and ethnic minority groups that can foster local young people’s cognitive understanding and empathy towards ethnic minorities to improve social inclusion. On the other hand, also help the ethnic minority groups to nurture their coping skills and minimizing the difficulties they faced in daily life. 


The learning contents in these scenarios are presented in various multimedia formats, including but not limited to: still images, audio narration, video, interactive 360-degree video, VR animation, etc. 

* These are of some of the VR documentaries I produced in 2017 with the ethnic minority community, which will be used as the interactive VR elements in our final VR scenarios.

JC EYE Exhibition 2018
Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project through immersive Visualisation Exhibition

COSI's Exhibite Items:

  1. 360° VR Experience

    • HKEDS Training Centre

    • Khalsa Dian Sikh Temple

    • EM Community

  2. Ethnic Minority Costumes Photo Booth

Sketch for the 360° VR Experience

Sketch for the Photo Booth

COSI 360° VR Experience

Role: Producer, Photographer, Videographer, and Content Designer

To understand the difficulties, challenges, religious practices and living environment of the Ethnic Minorities(EM) in Hong Kong, our team visited a variety of places such as the Ethnic Minority Community in Yuen Long, Khalsa Dian Sikh Temple and some NGO (non-profit organizations) in Hong Kong.  From these visit, we created a VR experience program that shows three of the locations below: 

  1. HKEDS Training Centre

  2. Khalsa Dian Sikh Temple

  3. EM Community in Yuen Long

In this VR program, the audiences can walk around each location freely and choose to interact with his/her places of interest. We hope that through these Virtual Reality experiences and observations, the viewers can learn more about the living conditions, history, and religious beliefs of the Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong.

EM Community

Home Visit

Khalsa Dian Sikh Temple Player Hall

HKEDS Training Center Babysitting Course

Mixed reality demo of what you see when playing: 

* Stare at the buttons for 3 seconds to interact OR move around

COSI Ethnic Minority Costumes PhotoBooth 

Role: Producer, Photographer, Videographer, and Content Designer

The Photobooth from the top

The Photobooth from outside

The COSI Ethnic Minority Costumes Photobooth gives the visitors a chance to experience tradition Nepalese, Pakistani and Indian costumes. 

In the Photobooth, the visitors can take a picture of themselves in a variety of costumes and save it in their cell phones by scanning the QR code generated after the picture is taken. Moreover, they can also print out the photo as a survivor. 

A Doctor Who theme trailer of the Photobooth

Visitors taking a picture at the Photobooth

Jockey Club Enhancing Youth Empathy Project

Companions of Social Inclusion Programme (COSI)